Warlords Metadata

Each Warlord will have the following properties:

  • Image: Visual representation of the Warlord.

  • Name: Warlord name and relative ID number.

  • Absolute ID: From #1 to #7680.

  • Relative ID: From #1 to #1280, for each Warlord.

  • Quotation: Glorious quotation from the Warlord.

  • Description: Evocative description of the Warlord.

  • Set: Name of the Warlord Set.

  • Civilization: Name of the Warlord Civilization.

  • Apotheosis State: Awaken, Blessed, Demigod.

  • Level: Determines how much the Warlord has been trained in-game. The higher these stats, the higher the rewards in Play-to-Earn. (Not available in Closed Alpha).

  • Experience Points (EXP): Goes from 0 to N. N is a function of Level. When EXP equals N the Warlord gets one Level more and EXP goes to 0 again. (Not available in Closed Alpha).

  • Provenance: Warlords Origins.

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