Hexarchia Whitepaper V1.2
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Equipment (NFT)

Hexarchia Equipment are Sets of in-game weapons. These weapons are dedicated to the greatest civilizations of all time and are crafted in limited amounts and with high detail.
Hexarchia Equipment are ERC-721 tokens minted on the Polygon blockchain. Hexarchia Equipment can be:
  • Used to earn additional rewards in the play-to-earn Beta.
  • Customized, leveled up and fused in-game.
  • Used to claim special military Roles.
  • Traded on the open market. Hexarchia Equipment can be purchased, obtained by solving in-game quests, or as a prize for winning in-game Tournaments and Championships. There will also be special events such as Airdrops and Giveaways for our Community.
Genesis Set Weapons