Olympic Rating (ELO)

This method of classification, called Olympic Rating, acts as the ELO system and brings with it countless meritocratic advantages. Defeating a player with a higher Olympic Rating will earn you more positions, while losing against a player with a lower Olympic Rating will make you lose more positions. This of course also applies to the reverse: losing to a player with a higher Olympic Rating will make you lose fewer positions and defeating a player with a lower Olympic Rating will make you earn fewer positions. This system also helps to prevent rating inflation.

The Elo rating is a statistical system that helps in determining the real skill of a player. As a statistical measurement, it needs a big enough sample of battles in order to provide a reliable rating. Therefore, you are considered eligible for the Top-10 prize only if you have played at least 20 Honorable Battles.

Players will start with a value of 1000 Olympic Rating and their goal will be to achieve the highest rating by winning as many matches as possible, so they get in the top 10 weekly and secure their reward.

This means that there is no fixed value of points earned or lost in case of victory or defeat. Everything is related to the Olympic Rating of your opponents.

Please note that in case two or more warlords die in the same turn or the number of turns of the game drops to 0, the final table-score will be used to evaluate the results of the game. In this case, the following parameters will be evaluated: number of remaining troops and their statistics.

You will be able to see your weekly ranking updated, in real time, in the main game menu of Hexarchia.

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