Initial gameplay modes of Hexarchia

Hexarchia is a simultaneous turn-based war&strategy game offering several battle modes:

  • 1v1 Battle.

  • 2v2 Battle

  • 3v3 Battle.

  • 3 Free-For-All Battle.

  • 6 Free-For-All Battle.

Players will all fight against each other until only one is alive at the end of the fighting. The goal of the game is very simple: to eliminate the Warlord of the opposing armies.

Hexarchia’s Warlords act much like the King's in chess: if the Warlord dies the player loses. Players must defeat all their opponents by eliminating all the opposing Warlords. Each civilization has its own Warlords. At the beginning of each game, each player will start with an army of simple troops and a Warlord. The Warlord is the leader of the troops; he/she must always be protected by the rest of the army.

Death of the Warlord is equivalent to losing the game. Simple troops act in the same way, they do not possess unique characteristics but they can be customized according to players’ tastes.

Moving troops is the basic order of every game. Each member of the army, whether it is a “simple” troop or a Warlord, can be moved in 6 directions, one for each side of the hexagon in which it is located.

Each member of the army, both simple troops and Warlord, have two predefined statistics:

  • ATTACK value amounts to the maximum damage your troops can inflict to enemies’ troops.

  • HEALTH value determines the maximum damage a single troop or Warlord can receive. If the health of a troop drops to 0, the soldier is eliminated from the battlefield.

Players can also use orders to power up the troops. With Power Ups, troops can be upgraded to make them stronger, more resilient or more balanced. Each upgrade will consume an order. There are 3 types of Power Ups:

  • Strengthening: adds +10 ATTACK.

  • Hardening: adds +10 HEALTH.

  • Balancing: Equalizes the value of ATTACK and HEALTH.


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