Risks related to the crypto-assets

Awakening NFTs and Warlord NFTs are non-fungible tokens stored on the Polygon blockchain, a full-scaling solution for Ethereum offering low costs and high transaction speed. The Polygon network adopts a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. The market of non-fungible tokens is relatively small and illiquid, this peculiar market condition might have a consequence on the purchaser's ability to trade the Non-Fungible Token on the open-market. Purchasers acknowledge that the primary reason for purchasing the crypto-assets referred to in this White-paper is to play with them in the game and to benefit from their unique in-game utility, and that the crypto-assets may lose value in part or in full, and may not always be transferable and may not be liquid, especially in case of failure or discontinuation of the project.

Overdroid LLC is solely responsible for the content of this crypto-asset white paper. This crypto-asset white paper has not been reviewed or approved by any competent authority in any Member State of the European Union.

Participants to the utility token offering of Hexarchia acknowledge that Overdroid LLC is a recently established startup and that as such it faces all the risks and challenges associated with running a small-sized business in an international, fast-growing, capital-intensive, digital market.

Finally, purchasers acknowledge that the public offering of Hexarchia utility tokens is a crowdfunding event which might not succeed in attracting the right audience, receive bad press or take a long time before selling all the crypto-assets available for purchase. The development of the video game itself could be subject to delays or altered due to unexpected circumstances.

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