Warlords (NFT)

The Warlords are ERC-721 Utility tokens, collectibles and in-game characters all at the same time, and are minted on the Polygon blockchain.

How to obtain a Warlord:

  1. You can awaken a Warlord NFT using an Awakening NFT bought on the presale, public sale or secondary market.

  2. You can purchase a Warlord NFT on the secondary market.

  3. You can win Warlord NFTs or Awakening NFTs in Hexarchia Olympics, Hexarchia Championships and other competitions organized by the Hexarchia Team and the Community.

Using an Awakening NFT will create one Warlord NFT at random.

Owning at least one Hexarchia Warlord grants to the owner the following

  • Get invited to Hexarchia ERC-20 Private Sale.

  • Enter Hexarchia Play-to-Earn mode.

  • Benefit from Hexarchia Scholarship System.

  • Access to exclusive in-game contents.

If a player does not possess a Warlord, he/she can either rent it from a Warlord owner or play the free-to-play version of Hexarchia.

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