UPDATE: From 29 March the Olympics enter the Final Phase, meaning the Olympics will run until the end of May 2022.

These are the following events running on Hexarchia! Don't waste any time, sign up and download the game at the following link

Limit Breaker

Valid until the end of May 2022 or fulfilment of the conditions

For when a player reaches and surpass the limit of 1000 honourable battles in the period of 2 weeks. The winner of the Duelist award of that week will receive an extra Awakening NFTs. Plus, only for this event, every player that reaches the 1000+ honourable battles mark will also receive an Awakening NFT.

Hexarchia Olympics

Valid Until the end of May 2022

Every week, from Tuesday to Monday of the following week, the Olympics take place and at the end of the week, the following rewards for the players take place:

Final Phase Update

With the announcement of the Final Phase of the Olympics, we are introducing a small change to the reward system of the Olympics.

  • First of all the temporary introduction of the Warlord to the prize pool. We can't stress the importance of the Warlord for the upcoming tokenomics and Beta of the game and we also want to reward our player base as much as possible.

  • The rotation system of the rewards. Every week the Warlords and the Legendary NFTs will alternate each other as the major rewards for each type of prize we have.

  • Last but not least is that the Olympics will end at the end of May 2022.

We hope this tenement of the Olympics is appreciated and for any questions you can reach back to us on our socials.

Prizes Type

  • The Top 10 NFTs prizes: The top 10 weekly players in the Elorank win an NFT. These prizes represent the excellence of playersโ€™ skills. Keep in mind that you must have played at least 20 honourable battles to be eligible.

  • The Honorable NFT prizes: Dedicated to players who deserve to be rewarded for their participation and dedication to the game. A minimum of 12 honourable battles are required to be eligible.

  • The Duelist Award: Every two weeks, the players with the most Honorable Battles during each season win and Awakening NFT of the value of 0.12 ETH.

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