Final Phase Update

With the announcement of the Final Phase of the Olympics, we are introducing a small change to the reward system of the Olympics.

  • First of all the temporary introduction of the Warlord to the prize pool. We can't stress the importance of the Warlord for the upcoming tokenomics and Beta of the game and we also want to reward our player base as much as possible.

  • The rotation system of the rewards. Every week the Warlords and the Legendary NFTs will alternate each other as the major rewards for each type of prize we have.

RotationTop 10Honourable

Week A

Legendary + Epic + Classic

Warlord + Epic + Classic

Week B

Warlord + Epic + Classic

Legendary + Epic + Classic

  • Last but not least is that the Olympics will end at the end of May 2022.

We hope this tenement of the Olympics is appreciated and for any questions you can reach back to us on our socials. During the Hexarchia Olympics, there are three categories of rewards:

  • The Top 10 NFTs prizes: dedicated to the top 10 weekly Hexarchy players. These prizes represent the excellence of players’ skills. Keep in mind that you must have played at least 20 honourable battles to be eligible.

  • The Honorable NFT prizes: dedicated to casual players who deserve to be rewarded for their participation.

  • The Duelist Award: the purpose of this prize is to reward the players with the most Honorable Battles during each season.

Top 10 NFTs prizes

The allocation of NFTs will take place as follows: The 10 players with the higher Olympic Rating will receive NFTs from the Genesis Set, whose rarity corresponds to the player’s ranking. The first player will receive an NFT of Legendary rarity, and the second, third and fourth place will receive an NFT of Epic rarity, while the remaining 6 will receive an NFT of Classic rarity.

Honourable NFT prizes

This award system is dedicated to less competitive and more casual players who do not have the time to devote themselves to climbing the leaderboard. These players can win a random NFT just by completing the battles of Hexarchia, no matter if you win or lose. The important goal for these is to participate, play and have fun! This is why they are called Honorable Battles! The more games the player plays, the rarer the NFT will be. The only rule to follow is to complete a minimum number of Honorable Battles between every Tuesday at 11:00 AM CET and every Monday at 11:00 AM CET (6 full days per week).

IMPORTANT: “Honorable Battle” means that you have to start a game and survive for at least 5 turns. From the fifth turn onwards if you win or lose it does not matter, the battle will be considered valid anyway but be careful: exiting the game before, after or during the fourth turn will not count towards an “Honorable Battle”.

Below are the requirements to get the Honorable NFTs prizes:

  • Completing at least 12 Honorable Battles in 6 days will give you the chance to receive a Classic NFT.

  • Completing at least 18 Honorable Battles in 6 days will give you the chance to receive an Epic NFT.

  • Completing at least 24 Honorable Battles in 6 days will give you the chance to receive a Legendary NFT or an Awakening NFT depending on the week.

The number of Honorable Battles completed per day is totally flexible and decided by the player. For example, if you want to get the Classic NFT you can decide to complete 2 battles per day, or do 12 battles on the last day and so on.

At the weekly reset of every Monday at 11:00 AM CET, there will be 3 distinct random draws, one for each NFTs rarity level.

Finally, here are all the details of this new rewards system:

  • Players in the Top 10 are excluded from these awards.

  • The achievement of the NFT is based on the maximum number of games completed, so those who have completed 24 games in 6 days can receive only the Legendary rarity NFT, not the previous ones.

  • The probability of being randomly drawn is the same for everyone, completing more Honorable Battles will not increase the probability of being drawn. For example, completing 12 or 17 games will have the same probability of being drawn for the Classic NFT.

  • You can always see the number of your completed Honorable Battles alongside your name in the leaderboard of the Hexarchia main menu.

  • A player who was randomly drawn during a week may also be randomly drawn in the following weeks. There are no reward limits for players.

  • The number of completed games will be zeroed for all players at the weekly reset every Monday at 11:00 AM CET.

Duelist Award

This prize will work as follows:

  • Every two weeks, the player with the most Honorable Battles will be rewarded with an Awakening NFT.

  • To be eligible the player must have at least 1000 Elorank points on each of the weeks counting for the prize.

  • The sum of Honorable Battles from the last two Olympics will be added up.

  • In case more players have the same amount of Honorable Battles, the priority will go for players who haven't yet won a Duelist Award. Then, the winner will be decided randomly.

  • The number of prizes will increase according to the number of players who participate in the Olympics, in order to reward in a more equitable way.

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