How it works

Each player will start with an Olympic Rating value of 1000. Every Monday at 11:00 AM CET, the Top 10 players with the highest Olympic Rating and 3 players randomly extracted will be rewarded with Honorable NFT prizes. After that, the Olympic Rating will be reset to 1000 and the number of Honorable Battles will be reset to zero for all players. It will be possible to start increasing your Olympic Rating and completing the Honorable Battles again every Tuesday at 11:00 AM CET.

This means that the activities of the players accomplished from 11:00 AM CET Monday to 11:00 AM CET Tuesday will not be considered valid for awards, as this will be considered a rest day (24h) where all players can test and evaluate new game strategies.

The actual time of the start and end of the Olympics can change according to the DST.

We will use Central European Time - CET as the main reference.

Be aware that there is no maximum limit of Olympic Rating reachable, so the only advice to climb the rankings is to play, have fun and win. The more games you play, the more games you will win and therefore the higher your Olympic Rating will be.

There is also no limit to the number of awards a player can receive. The same player, for example, can come first every week and therefore receive all the legendary NFTs that are up for grabs!

Please note: any NFTs won by players will automatically be sent to their wallets at the end of each week. For this, each player must link their Metamask wallet (other wallets will not be considered valid) in their profile on Players who have not linked their wallets will not receive NFTs even if they are classified as winners. Therefore we kindly invite you to link your wallet as soon as possible.

Any NFTs not redeemed by players will be kept and distributed as prizes during the following weeks. In addition, the number of weekly prizes will scale with the number of players. So, more player equals more prizes!

Our team will regularly be checking the daily game logs, and will play a key role in the progressive elimination of cheaters and win trading.

Anyone who is caught performing these actions will first be disqualified from the weekly awards and warned: if caught again, he/she will be immediately banned from the game.

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