Titles (NFT)

Titles in Hexarchia play a very important role as they are used to represent achievements or commemorate events of great importance in the community or in the game.

Not all titles in Hexarchia are considered NFTs, an example of this would be the Commander title which is the basic title for all new members of the community and the game.

In future stages of the game, these titles will not only imply a special role in our Discord community but they will be available in-game, making the wearer stand out from the crowd and show off the great feats achieved.

There are currently two NFT titles commemorating the achievements of our community members:

Lord or Lady of Hexarchia (NFT)

This is Hexarchia's first NFT title, it starts the first batch of premium access released to participate in Hexarchia's Closed Alpha and the Warlords Exodus Set Pre-sale.

Prophet of Hexarchia (NFT)

"Those who are enlightened by their innate virtue to guide and teach others. Those who never yield in their belief or their values. Inspired by the divine revelations of the Gods of Elysium, the Prophets of Hexarchia bring bright rays of guidance to those lost in the darkness."

Hexarchia Chronicles

This is one of the most important titles within the community, as it represents members who have provided constant support to other members and are always there when you need them. To reward their passion and efforts, the holders of this title are gain the following benefits:

  • Place on any future NFT or Token sale whitelist.

  • Early access to new Hexarchia content testing.

  • Prophet of Hexarchia Title on Discord.

  • Prophet of Hexarchia Title in-game. (When available)

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