Ascension System

Hexarchia is introducing an innovative NFT farming system for its NFTs: The Ascension System. Regardless of the rarity, all NFTs can be levelled up and then fused according to the following hierarchy:

  • Origin Level or Level 1

  • Master Level or Level 2

  • Supreme Level or Level 3

The Ascension System is what makes Hexarchia NFTs deflationary. Players will need to fuse two Origin NFTs to mint a Master NFT and they will need to fuse two Master NFTs to mint a Supreme NFT.

What is the difference between the three Ascension Levels?

The Origin Level is the starting point for each equipment. Regardless of the rarity, each Hexarchia equipment will be first obtained at the Origin Level only. These NFTs cannot be personalized. All Genesis NFTs will be airdropped at this Ascension level. At the Master Level, the personalization gets started: The color of each NFT equipment can be freely personalized exactly as Hexarchia players wish. For example, you will be able to change the texture of the sword blade and hilt, or the color of your shields and axes. Finally, at the Supreme Level, the NFT equipment can be personalized to an extreme level. Unique special effects such as fire blasts, thunderbolts, caustic venom and much more will make your NFTs the most valuable and feared of the Elysium, the mythical world where Hexarchia battles are fought.

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