The Awakenings are ERC-721 tokens minted on the Polygon blockchain.

In Hexarchia Pre-Sale and Public Sale, collectors will be able to mint x1, x3, x6 or x12 Awakening NFTs per time. Once one of the four options is chosen, collectors will receive the NFT after a certain amount of time depending on the chain traffic, and can vary between a few hours to a few days. This is needed in order to avoid exploits and ensure that Awakening NFTs will be distributed to the largest audience possible instead of being collected by a small number of players.

Once the collectors receive the Awakening NFT in their wallets, they can use them to awaken a Warlord. The awakened Warlord will randomly be chosen between one of the 6 available. Once an Awakening NFT is used to evoke a Warlord NFT into the Elysium, it will not be possible to convert that Warlord NFT back into an Awakening NFT. Collectors can keep the Awakening NFT indefinitely and evoke the Warlord when they deem it appropriate, or sell the Awakening NFT after purchase.

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