Good Behaviour Rules

While we don't want to limit the player's creativity and ingenuity with obnoxious rules, we find it necessary to write down some guidelines.

You will find that the following points aim to create a bright and secure environment for existing and new players by encouraging good sportsmanship, behaviour and trust in the players and the community.

  1. Multi-account and share accounts are tolerated as long as they are not intentionally used to exploit the reward systems of the game.

  2. Any form of win trading or exploitation of the game's rewards using uncompetitive strategies or that spoils the enjoyment of other players is absolutely prohibited.

  3. We highly encourage you to immediately report bugs or exploits (either derived by the game or players) in order to avoid the competitive and fair play degradation of the game.

  4. The creativity and explorations of new approaches for the game, its events and game modes are highly encouraged (e.g. meta defining strategies, compositions, team play etc) as long as they don't tarnish the gaming and competitive experience of other players.

  5. We expect users, players and overall all the members of the community to approach the game, our socials and behave correctly in the good spirit of sportsmanship and common sense. Lately, it will be the community to judge and set the boundaries for the conduct considered fair and/or wrong.

  6. Any kind of racist, sexual and or discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated.

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