Warlords Apotheosis Stages:

  • Awaken

  • Blessed

  • Demigod

All Warlords obtained using an Awakening NFT, purchased on the secondary market (until the Beta is released), or won in an Hexarchia competition will start with the following status:

  • Apotheosis Stage = Awaken

  • Level = 0

There is no hard cap to Levels but the system is balanced to make it difficult to train a Warlord over Level 100. When growing from Level 49 to Level 50, the Warlord Apotheosis Stage Trait will change from Awaken to Blessed. The Awaken Warlord NFT Level 49 will be burnt and the user will receive a Blessed Warlord NFT Level 50. In the same way, going from Level 99 to Level 100, the Warlord Apotheosis Stage Trait will change from Blessed to Demigod.

The warlords that reach the Blessed stage can be freely customized according to the tastes of the players, while reaching the stage of Demigod will have access to exclusive contents in game.

In Hexarchia Closed Alpha, the Apotheosis System will not be active. It will not be possible to level up the Warlords. See Roadmap for more information.

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