Hexarchia is set in the Elysium, a mythological place where the greatest warriors and emperors of all time went to rest afterlife.

The Elysium is a peaceful world where all the greatest civilizations of all time used to live and prosper together in peace and harmony. Nevertheless, this state of calm and peace was brought to an end several centuries ago. A terrible war broke out between the Elysium Gods. Elyhon, the God of Infinity, broke the solemn pact with the other Gods. No God could rule the others, but Elyhonโ€™s soul was corrupted by a mysterious energy, he wanted to rule the Elysium at its own pleasure.

All the Warlords and their people were sent to a celestial rest by the Gods to protect them from the fury of Elyhon. After centuries of war between the Gods, Elyhon was finally confined to the Abyss of the Elysium. The Warlords have been awakened from their eternal rest to save the Elysium and help the Gods to keep Elyhon imprisoned.

The Divine chains that keep Elyhon imprisoned need to be powered by a continuous flow of vital energy from the Elysium, or they will break their chains and bring wrath to all the Civilizations of the Elysium. However, the Gods cannot flow enough energy to keep Elyhon in the Abyss for all of eternity. They need the energy of the entire Elysium; the energy deriving from the wars among Civilizations...a perpetual flow of vital energy from the Warlords and their armies.

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