Hexarchia is a chess-inspired war&strategy NFT videogame built on Unreal Engine and integrated with Polygon blockchain.
The goal of Hexarchia is to create an engaging and fun gaming experience that allows gamers to play and earn in-game assets and currency as a reward for their ability to use strategy and fight.
Players can battle in several different war modes, take part in NFT hunts, explore highly-detailed historical maps, win weapons in the form of NFTs, customize and train them, take part in exclusive tournaments and collect the greatest characters of all time to play with them.
Hexarchia will support an innovative community-ow­ned economy, where players and founders share the earnings from the videogame. The goal is to allow for a unique governance system controlled by the Hexarchia team and community through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will make Hexarchia a game with no expiration date.
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